Movil Multimedia


Customize your cell phone with ringtones, images, and videos


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Avanquest Movil Multimedia is an app that contains several different utilities that you can use to easily customize your cellphone. It supports over 500 different models, regardless of the manufacturer.

It includes a gallery of over 5,000 ringtones, images, and videos: 3,000 MP3s, 400 polyphonic ringtones, 600 backgrounds, and so on.

The program is divided into three apps: melody studio, for creating and editing ringtones; image studio, where you can add and edit images; and video studio, where you can edit, add, or delete video clips.

These three utilities have their own interface, and have very exciting features, such as the ability to add sound effects, add voice recordings, edit image size, draw, insert video transitions, etcetera.

The app's star feature is the ability to send via Bluetooth or infrared your document to your mobile phone, but you'll obviously need the appropriate hardware on your phone to do so.

The trial version only includes a dozen elements in the multimedia gallery.

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